URBUNHUT is a company built on a friendly and professional team that only delivers the highest quality of Mud Houses. We want to turn your dream mud house into a reality, working closely with you and your ideas combined with our knowledge and experience to make mud houses come true.

Junior Architect

Completed his Architectural Degree from a reutated institution of Gharziabad, he has joined us as junior architect, offcourse being a newcomer to Mud Architecture industry he has faced lots of truble, but he learnt very well and within 6 months of experience based learning on live projects and an easteemed support of Senior Architects he proved to be a right candidate for our organisation.

Senior Planning Manager

With 28 years of experience and complete knowledge of most of the Architectural and Engineering aspects of our industry, Mr.Omprakash leads our organisation towards, what we call a True Success. He was amongst the Founder of URBUNHUT and helps Rewati to take the organisation where it has reached today.


An ITI'an from 'Aryabhata Institute of Design' New Delhi, he has joined our organisation as a DraftsMan. Pretty Good at designs and speciallized in 3D Development.

Digital Stratigist

An experienced digital strategist and an intelligent Search egine optimasation expert. Chandra designs and execute the digital strategies of our company as well as Internet presence and media coverage.